You’ll Love This School Choir’s Rendition Of Pharrell’s Song “Happy”

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Get ready to get your groove on. That’s right; I need to say that again. Turn up your volume, and be prepared to watch, move, and enjoy what you’re about to see.

The city of Detroit has talent. An elementary school choir has taken the song by Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ and turned it out.

Dressed in their school uniform, these students perform ‘Happy’ with such precision, you can’t help but be proud.

All too often, the news is plagued with kids doing something wrong. If they’re not doing something wrong, their parents are caught up in some drama. Hearing so much negative information and the emasculation of our black youth, one can begin to feel that our younger generation is hopeless and helpless. That’s why when positive information is presented, it must be celebrated, embraced, and shared.

Huffington Post reports, ‘the talented students in the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir nail the Oscar-nominated hit, posted on YouTube by Edward Bone, all with perfect choreography. The two lead singers have so much star quality they might just be future Pharrells, and we’re glad all these kids are the future of Detroit.’

It goes without saying that Pharrell Williams should be commended for coming out with a song like this. Music is a universal form of expression that attracts people of all ages and races. The song ‘Happy’ can’t do anything but bring about a happy feeling to all those who hear it.

When you hear the song, you don’t think about anything but clapping your hands and dancing. The example from the students in the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences is a testimony of what happens when positive music is infused into the psyche and spirit of our young.

Source: Huffington Post

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, activist, published author of (5) books, life coach, and liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life. He is a committed advocate for change. Email: Follow on Twitter @drsinclairgrey. Visit his website:


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